Welcome to Pasadena Mennonite Church!

Our anabaptist congregation meets in Pasadena, CA on Sundays at 10:00am. Services begin with fellowship & programmed worship begins at 10:30am.

Mennonite values include Christ centered-worship, community, & active pacifism.
We believe Jesus came to turn his world upside-down, & invites us to follow.

Anabaptist Values 7: We Are Family

This week we celebrated PMC’s 31st birthday! We had a picnic, there was bocce, and we had an opportunity to talk about our community as a family. Included this week are three different reflections. Lisa Muthiah and Margie Cameron both offered their own stories and reflections on what it means…
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Anabaptist Values 6: The Lord’s Supper

By coming to the table, each member of the community is expressing her or his commitment to all other members of the community. And we celebrate the unity that we have together. We are testifying together that we are the body of Christ. The name communion represents this, this communion…
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Anabaptist Values 5: Community and the Holy Spirit

Pentecost has arrived right in the middle of our Anabaptist Values series, which is perfect because the Holy Spirit was such an integral part of the life and faith of the early Anabaptists. Our reading for this Sunday focused on the beginning of the Pentecost event (Acts 2:1-21), and we…
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Contact Info

Pasadena Mennonite Church
Meeting at Pasadena Church of the Brethren
1041 North Altadena Drive
Pasadena CA 91107

Sunday Services begin with fellowship at 10:00am —
Programmed worship begins at 10:30am