Welcome to Pasadena Mennonite Church!

We are an Anabaptist community of people from throughout the Los Angeles, CA area—meeting in Pasadena.
Our Sunday gatherings begin with fellowship at 10:00am and worship beginning at 10:30am.

As a Mennonite community we value Christ centered-worship, community, and active peace-making.
We are convinced that Jesus came to turn this world upside-down, and invites us to follow.

Vigil Flyer Draft 3

Wed. Mar. 13: Vigil in Support of ICWA

This Wednesday, on land formerly inhabited by the Tongva nation, we will be gathering at Full Circle Thrift for prayer for the Indian Child Welfare Act, an important piece of civil rights legislation that attempts to provide indigenous people with some protection from what has been centuries of cultural genocide. Pasadena Mennonite Church is responding to a call from our indigenous sisters and brothers and in an attempt to act on our commitment to work toward the dismantling of the Doctrine of Discovery.


The Transfiguration

On March 3rd, Transfiguration Sunday, Tim Reardon spoke of the transfiguation of Jesus as a transition point in Jesus’ ministry. Previously, Jesus had been moving about Galilee speaking about a kingdom, now he tells his disciples he must go to Jerusalem to proclaim this kingdom, and there he will suffer, be rejected by the leaders of his people, and then be killed, rising on the third day.
We often read this metaphorically. What burdens am I carrying that somehow I can call my cross? Yet, Jesus’s cross is not metaphorical. At this point in the narrative, Jesus calls them to literally join him. What would you say? What is it to pick up your cross?



On February 24, Erica Scoffield Nellessen spoke to us about lament as a practice of discipleship.

Lament, she says, is very heavy. It’s an intense experience. Just listening to the scripture of Lamentations 5 and Psalm 88 being read fills her with emotions that aren’t easy to sit with. Even as a social worker… And that’s what she gets paid to do — sit with other people’s difficult emotions. This topic can be a difficult one. A scary one. A weird one for many of us, especially US Americans. Because frankly we’re not used to it. But she believes that God has a life-giving gift for all of us if we choose to engage.


Laughing Warrior Girl: Indigenous Spirituality & Mennonite Tradition

PMC had the privilege of having Sarah Augustine speak with us on February 17. Sarah shared about her identity as both an indigenous woman and a Mennonite woman. She spoke about her work in Suriname, South America, beginning in 2004. There, Sarah was challenged by a community member, an elder, to fight with the local community, whose property had been taken, fenced off, and concessed to a corporation. Sarah accepted the challenge, and has been working with the community there for the past 15 years. In the process, she has become active in the Coalition to Dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery.


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Sunday Services begin with fellowship at 10:00am —
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