Welcome to Pasadena Mennonite Church!

Our anabaptist congregation meets in Pasadena, CA on Sundays at 10:00am. Services begin with fellowship & programmed worship begins at 10:30am.

Mennonite values include Christ centered-worship, community, & active pacifism.
We believe Jesus came to turn his world upside-down, & invites us to follow.

Anabaptist Values 3: Jesus Saves

The phrase “Jesus saves” can come with a lot of baggage, and for many it could signal an overly individualistic and restricted spiritual, inner reality. In fact, we are probably all too familiar with John 3:16 sign waving, and you may have been turned off by a street preacher or…
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Anabaptist Values 2: Jesus Is Lord

There are many lords in our world today whose only aim is to exploit resources, exploit people, accumulate stuff, money, power, control and they do this by sacrificing others in the name of freedom and national security.,, Paul tells the community that their unity and action is defined by the…
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Anabaptist Values 1: Jesus and Discipleship

This summer, we at Pasadena Mennonite Church will be going on a journey through some values that we have identified as “Anabaptist Values.” The goal of this series of sermons is to be spend some time reflecting on our tradition so that we might know ourselves better. Where have we…
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Contact Info

Pasadena Mennonite Church
Meeting at Pasadena Church of the Brethren
1041 North Altadena Drive
Pasadena CA 91107

Sunday Services begin with fellowship at 10:00am —
Programmed worship begins at 10:30am