Anabaptist Values 3: Jesus Saves

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In the third installment of our “Anabaptist Values” series, and the final of three in the segment on Jesus, Rob Muthiah shares on the topic “Jesus Saves.”

The phrase “Jesus saves” can come with a lot of baggage, and for many it could signal an overly individualistic and restricted spiritual, inner reality. In fact, we are probably all too familiar with John 3:16 sign waving, and you may have been turned off by a street preacher or two telling you to believe right and get saved to avoid hell.

However, what we find in the Bible and with Jesus is something more involved than just right belief and getting to heaven. Salvation is not something restricted to our hearts or pushed off to the future. Rather, it is the opposite! The salvation imagined in Jesus is about changing all things, renewing all things… New Creation! Salvation is not about simply thinking right, getting forgiven, and going to heaven; salvation is a vision for the way the world could be and should be. It is personal, but it is also social, economic, political, and all-encompassing.

Salvation, redeeming, delivering, liberating, these are all, among others, concepts we find relating to God’s activity in the exodus. And truly, we most know God by what God does. God is the one who redeems, delivers, saves his people, and this foundation is necessary for understanding how God works through Jesus to deliver, to save. In Jesus we have then “eternal life” not as a distant hope, but a reality we participate in and work out together now in anticipation of its ultimate fulfillment. And that anticipation gives us the impetus to live into God’s vision of redemption and reconciliation now through Jesus.

So in this sermon, unpacking Exodus 6:1-7 and John 3:1-21, Rob reminds us to remember the God who saves and what this means.

For reflection after listening to the sermon, Rob left us a few questions. Let’s consider these questions this week as we dialogue on the passage:

  1. Where do you feel gratitude when you ponder the reality that Jesus saves?
  2. Where do you feel hope in light of the Christian assertion that Jesus saves?
  3. Where do you see or experience Jesus’ saving work today?
  4. How would you tell your redemption story? How would you tell our redemption story? Where else would you point to Jesus’ saving and redeeming work today?


For convenience sake, there is also a podcast available. You can find that here.

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