The Gospel of Minor Threat or Anabaptist Values 13: Holiness

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Minor Threat: early 80’s DC punk band

This week we tackled the notion of holiness. But we tried to do it in a way that moves beyond any legalism or moral superiority that we might have associated with the idea in the past. We talked about holiness as a movement, as an encounter, as a way of being that we are growing into and being transformed into, we even talked about holiness as an aroma (thanks Rob!), and we also talked about holiness as a process of our being and becoming God’s children. That is, in learning to love as God loves, God who sends rain on the just and the unjust.

So where does Minor Threat come in!? I talked a little about my own upbringing, not as a Mennonite or even within the church, but with the movements around me. There were specific notions of holiness that attracted me outside the conventional church descriptions of holiness. Minor Threat for one presents a particularly potent example of holiness not as a set of beliefs but as a movement (though Minor Threat would probably reject the notion of being a movement). Listen if you want to know why. I also talk a little about Anarchy and Jacques Ellul, just to round things out.

If you want to hear how this all fits together, give this week’s sermon a listen. And, as you think about the words now and through the week, meditate and discuss these questions together.

  • What actually ways do we (you) try to engage with God’s holiness, and how do you allow yourself to be transformed by living into God’s love?
  • How do we live out holiness together as a people and as a movement for and in the world?


For convenience sake, there is also a podcast available. You can find that here.

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