Washing Feet (Anabaptist Values 17: Service)

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This week, we were graced by Sharon Andre who spoke concerning service and looked at this idea through the lens of foot washing. Sharon encouraged us to think about where and how we engage in service. She notes for instance that it can be easier to wash the feet of those outside your common spaces. It can be easier to go and be the savior, because we all want to be Jesus. But often it is harder to be the one whose foot is washed. And even more than that, sometimes it is hard to enter into that sort of intimate relationship with people around you, to be vulnerable in service to each other. It can often be easier to go serve someone, be their savior, and leave, rather than to engage in the mutual service and intimacy necessary for a community.

Yet, Jesus washes his disciples’ feet. And he even washes the feet of the one who would betray him because Jesus washes feet indiscriminately. He serves all indiscriminately. Are there people in our community whose feet you do not want to wash? Are they your Judas? Do you not agree with their “lifestyle”? Or do you simply not wish to place yourself in such an intimate relationship with another? Similarly, do you seek to avoid having your feet washed? Why?

Sharon left us with these questions (among others):

  • What does an action oriented community look like?
  • What kind of foot washer are you? What kind of foot washer would you like to be?
  • At Pasadena Mennonite, do we wash each other’s feet, or is it easier to wash others’ feet? If so, why?

(Note that the sound trails off a little at the end where Sharon steps away from the mic, but it is all good so turn it up and listen closely!)


For convenience sake, there is also a podcast available. You can find that here.

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