Joined with Shame

Frank shared with us this week from 1 Corinthians 1:9-25. He reminded us about the nature of our kin(g)dom and our associations; how God takes upon God’s self, not just in Jesus but throughout the history of God’s interactions with Israel and the world, the shame of the world–not the wise, not the powerful, but the shameful. God takes on our shame, making it unshame (making the shameful, the honorable). This is the God who is fully manifest on the cross, the God that the world finds shameful, but for us is God’s power.

As Frank concisely notes, “God in Jesus Christ crucified mingles with what is most shameful to us, and this mingling is a stumbling block, foolishness and weakness to those who are perishing, but it’s God’s power, wisdom and salvation to those who believe.”

For us, this is good news!

Is this good news for you? Do we take on the shameful of the world, knowing that this is our God, and the blessed one’s among us are those that so many of the world call shameful?

These are just some of my initial reflections, but there is much more to reflect on and much more that Frank has offered. Frank suggests these two questions for reflection:

  1. Who are we ashamed of being associated with?
  2. With whom might God be calling us into deeper intimacy. with whom we’d rather not associate or be close to?

You can listen to Frank’s sermon here:

download here


For convenience sake, there is also a podcast available. You can find that here.

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