Oscar Romero: Prophet of Incarnation (Christmas)

This week, we talked about Christmas, emphasizing not just that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday, but more than that, this is the day we celebrate the incarnation–the incarnation of the Word, who became flesh, a body, to be with us in our bodily reality, to care for God’s creation and the needs of those who sit in darkness.

First, we look at John 1:1-14 (and Gen 1:1-5), where the Word becomes flesh; how in this moment, when God’s creative power of life comes to dwell with us, God teaches us presence–both presence before God and presence with each other.

Then we considered what this means by learning from Oscar Romero, a living parable of the incarnation. From Romero, we see, as we learn from John 1, that incarnation means embodied presence, overcoming distance, and practicing solidarity.

We take this Sunday to remember and celebrate pastor Romero, and only hope that we can find ways to be and discover presence the way he has.

“The church, in its zeal to convert to the gospel, is seeing that its place is by the side of the poor, of the outraged, of the rejected, and that in their name it must speak and demand their rights. But many persons belonging to the upper classes and feeling as if they owned the church think that the church is abandoning them and slipping away from its spiritual mission: it no longer preaches what is spiritual, it only preaches politics. It’s not that. The church is pointing out sin, and society must listen to that accusation and be converted and so become what God wants.” – Oscar Romero, former Archbishop of San Salvador

In reflection, you might consider these questions.

  1. How do you seek God’s presence, breaking down those things that keep you from encountering God, and being transformed by an encounter with God’s life-giving, creative Word?
  2. How can we be presence to others and ourselves, incarnating God’s Word, and discovering the incarnate Word in others?

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