Consecration Sunday

This past Sunday, PMC celebrated Consecration Sunday. Consecration Sunday is the day that we set aside at the beginning of every year to come together as a congregation with our “first fruits,” committing to our specific engagement with the community for the year.

Pasadena Mennonite sees as one of its core values, “first-fruits” giving. What we mean by that is that we commit not to simply give to God out of whatever is left over after we live our “normal lives” but instead, we commit to take stock prayerfully of what we have been given and blessed with by God and make that commitment to give a portion of what we have been blessed with back to God and the work of our community as first-fruits. In this way, we understand that God is foundational (and that all we have is a blessing from God) and not an after-thought, and in addition to that, we come understanding that we are not simply giving things away but we are, rather, contributing to each other as we support our common mission. During Consecration Sunday we continue to take ownership of our common work.

If you were not there Sunday, or you still have been thinking about your commitment, it is not to late to fill our your Consecration Sunday cards. Here is a .pdf of the different area to consider giving your resources and time, and there will be cards available at church on Sunday to fill out and hand in.

Consecration Sunday Cards

This, of course, was the topic of our conversation this week. You can listen to that right here:

download here


For convenience sake, there is also a podcast available. You can find that here.

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