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Sabbath: Rest and Risk

This week’s discussion of Sabbath ends our time of Epiphany while also preparing us for our spiritual practice of Lent by having us engage with the practice of Sabbath. In this Elvins asks us to think about Sabbath as rest as well as risk, and to imagine Sabbath as something we do, rather than something an individual does on their own. It is a practice that does not comport well with out surrounding culture’s obsession with work and efficiency, but perhaps precisely for that reason, it is a practice that is so necessary for us.

Make no mistake, Elvins is not asking us to engage in just an idea, but to submit ourselves to a formational practice.

Elvins says in his sermon:

And this is why I love spiritual practices and rituals, because they take these theological abstractions and they make them real and concrete through this embodied act. They help us live this out.

Give the sermon a listen and think about these questions that Elvins has left us for reflection:

  1. What sacrifices or risks would I need to take to make room for a full sundown to sundown Sabbath?
  2. What would a day free from the requirements or thoughts of work look like even after church? What would one do with boredom? How would you make the day “Holy”?


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