Spaces in Mark: Home

This week we continued our Lenten series reflecting on different spaces in which we encounter Jesus in Mark. Jennifer offered us her thoughts on Jesus’s healing of the paralytic in Mark 2:1-12, the conception of home represented there, and what home means for her and what it might mean for us.

In addition to our common understandings of home, Jennifer continued what has been a theme so far, that Jesus doesn’t meet us in the power center, in the place of domination, in the site of colonialization, but on the margins. Jesus comes and offers forgiveness in the home and the leaders come to see what he is doing just as John last week came in the wilderness proclaiming a baptism of forgiveness on the margins.

Ultimately, we are not left with a specific definition of home, but a place from which to reflect.

Jennifer left us with these questions to consider:

  1. After reading Mark 2:1-12, how do you see/understand home? Did Mark help you define home in a different way?
  2. How do we become a community that create spaces of belonging for those who feel excluded by our current society?


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