A Double Minded Gospel

On September 16th, Tim Reardon led a reflection on James 1:1-12 — emphasizing that justice cannot be seen as separate from the cross. James talks about a double minded person as one who wants to hear the gospel but not do it.

Tim reminds us that the cross is dramatically a revelation of injustice. The cross of Jesus, the innocent one, who was executed, who calls into question our social, economic and justice systems — calls into question all forms of justice that would execute someone like him. The cross is a revelation of God’s solidarity with the poor and those disenfranchised, and a condemnation or call to repentance for those who are powerful and unjust, who live in a willful indifference to systems of injustice.

What of a gospel that does not show preference to the poor? This is a double minded gospel. We are reminded that Jesus came to bring good news to the poor.

Tim goes on to talk about how James talks about the teachings of Jesus more than any other epistle.

The following are a few questions that Tim invited us to think about:

  1. Have you learned to read the Bible in many places looking for passive “spiritual” readings?
  2. Who are diaspora people around us? What does it mean for us to be a diaspora people? A people who are away from home, but having solidarity together in our wanderings?
  3.  “Jesus I believe, forgive my unbelief” How together do we seek out a single-minded solidarity and faith with Jesus. To follow and imitate Jesus, but still have grace for each other along the way?


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For convenience sake, there is also a podcast available. You can find that here.

The image is an Oakland mural naming those who have been victims of gun violence.

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