Anabaptist Values 2: Jesus Is Lord

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Jesus Is LordThroughout the summer we are continuing with a series call “Anabaptist Values.” The series is broken into three parts: Jesus, Community, Mission, and we started last week with “Jesus and Discipleship.” The first three sermons in the series will continue on this Jesus theme, setting the “Jesus” foundation, so to speak. Next week, Rob Muthiah will share on the topic “Jesus Saves.”

This week, we were grateful to have Jennifer Hernandez share with us her own reflections on Philippians 2:5-11 and the topic, “Jesus is Lord.” Not only are we, as Anabaptists, committed to following after, imitating, and becoming formed into Christ, we do this with the acknowledgment that Jesus is ultimately Lord. This is, though, as Jennifer reminds us a different kind of lordship. In fact, Paul tells the community that their unity and action is defined by the Lord who empties himself and gives himself for others, who does nothing out of selfish ambition. Jesus does not simply reveal “the self-giving God, but he also reveals the self-giving human,” teaching us to be these self-giving humans.

Jennifer adds:

“There are many lords in our world today whose only aim is to exploit resources, exploit people, accumulate stuff, money, power, control and they do this by sacrificing others in the name of freedom and national security. These lords have even taken a hold of the borders that divide communities and use those against them for their own interests. They are simply thinking of themselves with selfish ambitions. Why sacrifice my own power when I can have more? Why protect immigrants when they are “stealing” American jobs? Why extend hospitality to refugees, if they are a threat to my own security?”

After listening to Jennifer’s reflections you might ponder the questions that she left us with

1. What does it mean for us to live as if Jesus is Lord and not the lords of the world?
2. What tangible, current events might provide us with the occasion to live Paul’s vision of a unified community living according to Jesus’s mentality?

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Karen Newe

2 years ago

Love this quote from Jennifer’s sermon: Jesus’ selfless & sacrificial attitude nurtures unity in the midst of all the borders that divide communities: race, language, color, gender, social background, economic status, political parties, church denominations, religion, citizenship, etc.—and the list goes on and on…
Thank you, Jennifer, for the wisdom you bring.

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