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Selma to Montgomery Alabama March

Are We Listening: Re-remembering Dr. King

Harding tells us to tell our children that Dr King no longer found the older dream sufficient, but instead planned to march on Washington again in massive civil disobedience “calling on thousands and hundreds of thousands of lovers of justice until the cause of the poor became the nation’s first priority, until all people were guaranteed jobs or honest income, until our nation stopped killing Asians abroad and turned to tend to the desperate needs of its people at home.”


Oscar Romero: Prophet of Incarnation (Christmas)

“I am glad, brothers and sisters, that our church is persecuted precisely for its preferential option for the poor and for trying to become incarnate in the interest of the poor…” This week we remember Jesus’s incarnation, consider God’s presence with us in body and solidarity, and reflect on the incarnationn through the living parable, Oscar Romero.


Pondering Mary (Fourth Sunday of Advent)

This week, Rob led us in our reflection for the fourth Sunday of Advent on Luke 1:26-38. Here we find Mary as an example for us in responding to God’s purposes, and we learn from her what it means to “let it be.” How do we respond to interruptions? How do respond to the unexpected?


Joined with Shame

God in Jesus Christ crucified mingles with what is most shameful to us, and this mingling is a stumbling block, foolishness and weakness to those who are perishing, but it’s God’s power, wisdom and salvation to those who believe.

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