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Anabaptist Values 10: Stewardship

How we use our money ties to our core values. Jesus had a lot to say about money—how we horde money, how we exploit others with money, how we view the world out of scarcity, how we should seek economic justice, and how we should live in a community that cares for each other with money, with mutual aid in a way that cares for others as ourselves (and that’s just some of it!). Looking at Deut 26:1-15, Rob encouraged us to develop a posture of gratitude, a gratitude that we can have together.


Anabaptist Values 9: The Fullness of Christ

We are the body. We all are gifted. We have all been called and empowered, and as the body of Christ, no one part of the body dominates another. We may have many giftings, but they come from One Spirit. Our giftings all find their source in that One Spirit, as does our body, and our giftings only find their purpose within that one, non-hierarchical body.


Anabaptist Values 8: Baptism

This week, we talked a little bit about baptism, and we had a chance to touch on some reasons why Anabaptists rejected infant baptism, how baptism functioned as a means of cultural imposition (and even domination), Dorothy Day and the idea of the mystical body, and our being as new creation walking in newness of life.


Anabaptist Values 7: We Are Family

This week we celebrated PMC’s 31st birthday! We had a picnic, there was bocce, and we had an opportunity to talk about our community as a family. Included this week are three different reflections. Lisa Muthiah and Margie Cameron both offered their own stories and reflections on what it means for them for PMC to be a family. Then we had the opportunity to reflect on Mark 3:19b-21, 31-35.


Anabaptist Values 6: The Lord’s Supper

By coming to the table, each member of the community is expressing her or his commitment to all other members of the community. And we celebrate the unity that we have together. We are testifying together that we are the body of Christ. The name communion represents this, this communion or shared life that we have together.


Anabaptist Values 5: Community and the Holy Spirit

Pentecost has arrived right in the middle of our Anabaptist Values series, which is perfect because the Holy Spirit was such an integral part of the life and faith of the early Anabaptists. Our reading for this Sunday focused on the beginning of the Pentecost event (Acts 2:1-21), and we discussed how the Holy Spirit invades from heaven, enabling and empowering a community, an other community.


Anabaptist Values 4: Two Kingdoms

There was a certain anarchy to this. Anabaptists had a high suspicion of hierarchic power structures, the economic practices of the world, and the violent means used to enforce these. Most Anabaptists, thus, never sought to enforce their own cultural expression, no matter how just they thought it was, but strove to be a prophetic counter-cultural political space that calls the “kingdoms of the world” to account for their own injustices.

Neon Cross 3

Anabaptist Values 3: Jesus Saves

The phrase “Jesus saves” can come with a lot of baggage, and for many it could signal an overly individualistic and restricted spiritual, inner reality. In fact, we are probably all too familiar with John 3:16 sign waving, and you may have been turned off by a street preacher or two telling you to believe right and get saved to avoid hell. However, what we find in the Bible and with Jesus is something more involved than just right belief and getting to heaven.


Anabaptist Values 2: Jesus Is Lord

There are many lords in our world today whose only aim is to exploit resources, exploit people, accumulate stuff, money, power, control and they do this by sacrificing others in the name of freedom and national security.,, Paul tells the community that their unity and action is defined by the Lord who empties himself and gives himself for others.

Pick Up Your Cross

Anabaptist Values 1: Jesus and Discipleship

This summer, we at Pasadena Mennonite Church will be going on a journey through some values that we have identified as “Anabaptist Values.” The goal of this series of sermons is to be spend some time reflecting on our tradition so that we might know ourselves better. Where have we come from? What tradition do we find ourselves in? How much do we (and don’t we) identify with this tradition? All of this is really an attempt for us to know our story and help us have a vision for who we are now and where we are going, our mission.

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