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The Gospel of Minor Threat or Anabaptist Values 13: Holiness

This week we talked about holiness as a movement, as an encounter, as a way of being that we are growing into and being transformed into, we even talked about holiness as an aroma (thanks Rob!), and we also talked about holiness as a process of our being and becoming God’s children. That is, in learning to love as God loves, God who send rain on the just and the unjust.


Who Are the Gate Keepers? or Anabaptist Values 11: Discipline and Accountability

“Does that mean ‘my’ interpretations don’t matter?” No! Not at all! We should, however, be trying to always read better and understand our own limits. But also, honestly, if you come from a particularly dominant group of intersectionality your interpretations in all reality have already mattered too much for a long time. Sometimes when we think we compare interpretations with equal voice, those with the most power do not understand how their readings of Scripture are simply given normative and objective status, holding interpretive sway over all other voices that then must struggle to contend an be heard among those interpretations.


MCUSA Issues Resolution “Seeking Peace in Israel and Palestine”

At the Wednesday delegate session of the MCUSA biennial conference in Orlando last week, The Mennonite Church USA voted near unanimously (98%) on a resolution entitled “Seeking Peace in Israel and Palestine.” The resolution was the product of years of deliberations, self-reflection, meeting and video conferences and engagement with representative voices, which included many Mennonites participating in “Come and See” tours in Israel-Palestine.


Anabaptist Values 10: Stewardship

How we use our money ties to our core values. Jesus had a lot to say about money—how we horde money, how we exploit others with money, how we view the world out of scarcity, how we should seek economic justice, and how we should live in a community that cares for each other with money, with mutual aid in a way that cares for others as ourselves (and that’s just some of it!). Looking at Deut 26:1-15, Rob encouraged us to develop a posture of gratitude, a gratitude that we can have together.


Anabaptist Values 9: The Fullness of Christ

We are the body. We all are gifted. We have all been called and empowered, and as the body of Christ, no one part of the body dominates another. We may have many giftings, but they come from One Spirit. Our giftings all find their source in that One Spirit, as does our body, and our giftings only find their purpose within that one, non-hierarchical body.


Anabaptist Values 8: Baptism

This week, we talked a little bit about baptism, and we had a chance to touch on some reasons why Anabaptists rejected infant baptism, how baptism functioned as a means of cultural imposition (and even domination), Dorothy Day and the idea of the mystical body, and our being as new creation walking in newness of life.


Anabaptist Values 7: We Are Family

This week we celebrated PMC’s 31st birthday! We had a picnic, there was bocce, and we had an opportunity to talk about our community as a family. Included this week are three different reflections. Lisa Muthiah and Margie Cameron both offered their own stories and reflections on what it means for them for PMC to be a family. Then we had the opportunity to reflect on Mark 3:19b-21, 31-35.


Anabaptist Values 6: The Lord’s Supper

By coming to the table, each member of the community is expressing her or his commitment to all other members of the community. And we celebrate the unity that we have together. We are testifying together that we are the body of Christ. The name communion represents this, this communion or shared life that we have together.

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