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Spaces in Mark: The Sea

This week, we continued our theme of space in Mark with a discussion of The Sea. Sam led us in a discussion of the Sea of Galilee and specifically the story of Jesus calming the storm (Mark 4:35-41). Sam encouraged us to find the peace among the storms blowing around us as we make this journey together.


Spaces in Mark: Home

This week we continued our Lenten series reflecting on different spaces in which we encounter Jesus in Mark. Jennifer offered us her thoughts on Jesus’s healing of the paralytic in Mark 2:1-11, the conception of home represented there, and what home means for her and what it might mean for us.


Spaces in Mark: The Wilderness

This week we began our Lenten journey through Mark. We are traveling with Jesus as he works his way to Jerusalem, seeking to find our way behind him. This journey begins in the wilderness, and this wilderness offers a stark contrast to the end of Jesus’s journey in Jerusalem, the city.


DACA Recipients and Immigrant Youth

May the church today be as bold and courageous as the church in Acts who, by the power of the Spirit, resisted the authorities and assumed the consequences of doing God’s will on earth as it is in heaven. And may we—in Christ—find the unity that overcomes the powers that are working to divide the body of Christ. May God give justice quickly to the many DACAmented and undocumented individuals and their supporters who seek immigration reform at the steps of Congress. And may God find faithfulness in the church, a faithfulness that doesn’t waver but persists in seeking justice for our immigrant sisters and brothers.

Schor engraving - the Sabbath

Sabbath: Rest and Risk

This week’s discussion of Sabbath ends our time of Epiphany while also preparing us for our spiritual practice of Lent by having us engage with the practice of Sabbath. In this Elvins asks us to think about Sabbath as rest as well as risk, and to imagine Sabbath as something we do, rather than something an individual does on their own. It is a practice that does not comport well with out surrounding culture’s obsession with work and efficiency, but perhaps precisely for that reason, it is a practice that is so necessary for us.


Consecration Sunday

This past Sunday, PMC celebrated Consecration Sunday. Consecration Sunday is the day that we set aside at the beginning of every year to come together as a congregation with our “first fruits,” committing to our specific engagement with the community for the year.


Prayer: Naming Our Encounter with God

We often think of prayer as simply asking God for our needs, and it certainly can be that, but in many ways, prayer is the very heart of our existence because it teaches us to attune ourselves to the heart of all existence, God. Prayer is practicing God’s presence. Prayer can be difficult, silent, overflowing, or any other number of different things (and not always easy and warm feeling), but prayer is turning our ears to the Word that God is speaking, and opening ourselves to that attunement more and more.

Selma to Montgomery Alabama March

Are We Listening: Re-remembering Dr. King

Harding tells us to tell our children that Dr King no longer found the older dream sufficient, but instead planned to march on Washington again in massive civil disobedience “calling on thousands and hundreds of thousands of lovers of justice until the cause of the poor became the nation’s first priority, until all people were guaranteed jobs or honest income, until our nation stopped killing Asians abroad and turned to tend to the desperate needs of its people at home.”

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