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When Doubt Cries Out in Faith

On July 15th, Madeleine Cameron spoke to the PMC shared a sermon with PMC that she’d prepared during an internship in Fresno, where she’s preparing to take part in a community project following her graduation from Fresno Pacific University.


Being Rooted in Love

On July 8th, Tim Reardon referenced David Benner’s book Surrender to Love, asking our congregation, “Imagine God thinking about you — what do you think God feels when you come to mind?” Though we might have various responses, he went on to describe that we are created out of love by a God whose essence is love; that Love is the source and ground of our existence — an unending mystery that extends beyond and precedes time and space; that sustains us, holds us, and extends to the innermost parts of our being.


We All Need a Savior

On July 1st, Tim Reardon talked about Luke 18:18-30 and Luke 19:1-10 — and the difference in how a rich ruler approached Jesus in comparison to the story of Zacchaeus. What did it mean to be a wealthy ruler in Jesus’ time? How did this differ from Zacchaeus, in spite of his wealth? Zacchaeus was “small in stature” — likely more a reference to his status than his height. What is the focus of each? How does Jesus receive each of them, and why? Who do we identify with?


Picking Up Righteousness

On June 24th, Lisa Lockwood Thornton of PICO California ( talked about the lectionary passages — 1 Samuel 17:38-45 where Saul dresses David to enter battle with Goliath, Psalm 9:7-10 about God establishing justice in the the world, and 2 Corinthians 6:1-10 where through adversity Paul says they carried the weapons of righteousness — in light of her presence at a border action at the Otay Mesa Detention Center over the previous two days.


PMC on Mission: Becoming Light & Salty

PMC Pastor Tim Reardon talks about our commitment as members of a lay-led church, our recent leadership planning and visioning day, and the need for us to take many roles to move our mission forward. We are the church, and we choose our direction together as a community in the jubilee economy of God.


Pentecost—A Baptism of Love

On June 3rd, Melissa Hofstetter spoke to Mark 2:23-3:6, beginning with the connection of baptism to census and taxation at the time of the formation of the Mennonite faith, and a move to adult baptism as a sign of discipleship—just as Jesus was baptized as an adult. Pentecost is a season when believers celebrate their collective baptism in the Holy Spirit. For Jesus, this time would have been Shavuot, which marked the harvest festival 7 Sabbaths after Passover. Pentecost, the pouring out of the Spirit of Jesus, marks a harvest of his disciples, reaping the radical love that Jesus has sown in their hearts.


See the Kingdom

Sermon by Tim Almquist from Sunday, May 27, 2018. “Today I want to focus on both our passages from Isaiah and the Gospel of John and discuss how these texts communicate what it means to “See the Kingdom of God.” I realize this idea of sight and a visual interaction is a metaphor that both breaks down and may not work for all of us. So when we use the word see, I’d like us to think more broadly about noticing, recognizing and encountering God….”

Gospel According to St. John

Eavesdropping on Jesus

On May 13th, Rob Muthiah spoke to John 17:6-19, as Jesus talks to God within the hearing of the disciples about how they will be cared for in Jesus absence.

Rob elaborates on the themes of name (character), word (truth), and world (in this case as those who do not recognize Jesus as Messiah).

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