Community Groups

Community groups at Pasadena Mennonite are:


·       Spaces to grow deeper together and with God: Our hope is that our time together will be a means for us to grow in fellowship and attend to our common spiritual lives, understanding how God is working with each of us.

·       Open spaces of invitation for anyone: Community groups are meant to grow deeper together, but they are also meant to be spaces porous enough to join, to welcome genuinely, and to have an open seat for whomever is next to partner with us.

·       An alternate entry point: Community groups are not “the next level” of church so to speak, but a place where we can be the church together. Perhaps you have a hard time connecting on Sundays. Community groups might be a great alternate place for you to connect to the community.

·       A reflection of who we are and want to be:  We are people made to be in community together. Our commitment to community groups is a commitment to not simply be participants and spectators but to be partners together.


PMC Community Groups

Sunday Afternoons (1st and 3rd) in Pasadena

@ The Schnitger’s. This groups works well for commuters and families, though all are invited.

Contact Eric Schnitger:


Wednesday Nights (every other week) in Pasadena

7pm @ The Bills'. An open group for all interested.

Contact Rob Muthiah:


Friday Nights (every other week) in Pasadena

@ The Sharp’s. An open group for all interested.

Meets at 7:00 for dinner and discussion.

Contact Tim Reardon:


Friday Nights (every other week) in Glendale

@ The Finlay’s. An open group for all interested.

Meets at 7:00 for dinner and discussion.

Contact Lisa Finlay:

Contact Lisa Thornton:


Friday Nights (every other week) in Pasadena

@ Full Circle Thrift Donation Center. Hang, Sort, Smash the Patriarchy!

Meets at 7:00 to volunteer sorting for FCT along with discussion.


All of these groups are open to new members!

Email listed contacts for more information.

Note that they are all located in the Pasadena area.

If anyone wants to start up a Westside group... Let's do that too!


Affiliated Groups

Peace Fellowship

For those of you who live further east, this group meets weekly in Claremont (generally). Its members are from all over, some of which are PMC members.

Contact Al Dueck:


Urban Village

This group meets in Pasadena and consists of those in and outside of PMC. Many of the group live intentionally in proximity to one another, but the group is not limited to this at all. You are welcome anytime, though on the third Sunday of the month, there is a social hangout night, which may help you ease in.

Contact Thea DeGroot: