Contacts & Leadership at PMC



Tim Reardon, Minister of Preaching & Leadership

Tim handles visioning, plans our preaching schedule (including himself), and generally gives direction to our community.

Tim also teaches Greek & is finishing his PHd.


Mariann Reardon, Minister of Congregational Care

Mariann heads the Pastoral Care team, and keeps her finger on the practical and relational needs of the community.

Mariann is also a fine artist.


Dotti Ozolins, Minister of Youth

Dotti pastors our youth from middle school through high school.

Dotti is also finishing her Masters.


Karen Newe, Community Coordinator

Karen helps our Ministry Groups communicate with one another, coordinates our all-church volunteers, and communicates for the church via enews & website.

Karen is also a graphic designer.

Ministry Associates

Sharon Andre, Pasadena

Glory Bautista, Pasadena

Angela Gorrell, Connecticut

Melissa Hofstetter, Pasadena

Rob Muthiah, Pasadena

Bert Newton, Pasadena

Mike & Teresa Sherrill, Indiana


Leadership Team

Lisa Muthiah, Moderator / Chair

Annika Buxman, Secretary

Alasdair Finlay, Treasurer

Joe Bautista, At Large

Ministry Team

Community Groups—Dan Sharp

Congregational Life—Carol Rewers, Annika Buxman, Jan Harmon,

Erica Scoffield Nellessen, Anne Tipton

Missions—Barrett Schreiner, Eric Schnitger


Worship Planning

First Sunday: Karen Newe, Planner; Dave Lehman, Music

Second Sunday: Margie Cameron, Planner; Tim & Emma Almquist, Music

Third Sunday: Emily & Eric Schnitger, Planners; Bob Nolty, Music

Fourth Sunday: Mariann Reardon, Planner; Tim Reardon, Music

Fifth Sundays: Lisa Muthiah, Music


Pastoral Care Team

Mariann Reardon, Sharon Andre, Joe Bautista, Glory Bautista, Philip Spradling


Prayer Team

Jan Harmon, Joe Bautista, Sharon Andre, Margie Cameron, Mariann Reardon, Tim Reardon


Ty Buxman, Alasdair Finlay, Lisa Finlay, Mike Rewers, Evelyn Stewart