Welcome to Pasadena Mennonite Church!

We are an Anabaptist community of people from throughout the Los Angeles, CA area—meeting in Pasadena.
Our Sunday gatherings begin with fellowship at 10:00am and worship beginning at 10:30am.

As a Mennonite community we value Christ centered-worship, community, and active peace-making.
We are convinced that Jesus came to turn this world upside-down, and invites us to follow.


A Surplus of Rich Generosity

Last Sunday, Rob Muthiah walked us through 2 Corinthians 8:1-15. He introduced the passage as a sort of fund-raising letter — like those we receive from people raising support for mission trips. Paul is raising support for the mission of the church in Jerusalem, and introduces the churches in Macedonia as generous givers. They give out of poverty, but with happiness. In addition, Paul offers Jesus as a model of generosity to us through the act of incarnation. Paul is raising support for the mission of the church in Jerusalem. Paul introduces the churches in Macedonia as generous givers. They give out of poverty, but with extreme happiness. In addition, Paul talks about how Jesus modeled generosity to us through the act of incarnation.


Giving God Our Best: How Much Is That, Exactly?

Lisa Finlay anticipated that speaking about giving would be an interesting challenge, because money is a complex issue for her personally. But she thinks it’s important to talk about giving because, in our consumer society, the way we interact with money—what we decide to give, to spend, where to spend—requires frequent decision-making. And the way we interact with money is a moral decision.
Though giving is much broader than monetary giving, we’ve had recent sermons on other ways to share resources & talents. And the focus on money reflects the widow in our scripture passage — who gives money specifically. And Jesus comments on that.


2 Corinthians 8:1-15

On January 20th, Frank Scoffield Nellessen continued PMC’s theme for the month of first fruits giving. He weaves the theme of giving beautifully with our honoring of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Reflecting also on 2 Corinthians, Frank brings together the words and works of Paul and MLK.
“God’s love is radical, flowing through the radical sharing of time, talents and treasures that Paul and Martin Luther King Jr. testify to today. This love creates a world where ‘the one who has much does not have too much and the one who has little does not have too little.’ Today we can thank God for love flowing through generations of communities, from Corinth to the South to Pasadena, who teach us how to love.”


Being First Fruits People

Tim Reardon introduced PMC’s Consecration Sunday — the time when the congregation makes commitments to carry us through the coming year. As a lay-operated and lay-lead church, if we don’t do the things we think are important, they won’t get done. We try not to be a community of passive spectators but active participants. We have to do more than just say that it’s a value. We have to continue to act, to tell that story, and to reinforce that value, because it is easy to lose. We participate, we make this church, as an active community.
Tim goes on to reflect on the Israelite rite of first fruits from Deut 26 — as just a beginning point as we consider our own practice of giving.


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