Picking Up Righteousness

On June 24th, Lisa Lockwood Thornton of PICO California ( talked about the lectionary passages — 1 Samuel 17:38-45 where Saul dresses David to enter battle with Goliath, Psalm 9:7-10 about God establishing justice in the the world, and 2 Corinthians 6:1-10 where through adversity Paul says they carried the weapons of righteousness — in light of her presence at a border action at the Otay Mesa Detention Center over the previous two days.

Lisa shared how Samuel tried to dress David in the battle clothes he would have worn, in the way all nations prep for battle. David instead chooses to put his trust in the living God. She talks about how the meaning of righteousness threads through these passages—and is correctly translated as the act and work of making the world right.

Lisa goes on to share her experience of the Otay Mesa Detention Center in light of what it means to pick up the work of making the world right — and the radical trust necessary to do so.


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