PMC on Mission: Becoming Light & Salty

On June 10th, PMC Pastor Tim Reardon talked about our commitment as members of a lay-led church, our recent leadership planning and visioning day, and the need for us to take many roles to move our mission forward. We are the church, and we choose our direction together as a community in the jubilee economy of God. Some things we can reflect on and foster: ways we can encounter God, be formed as disciples; ways we shaped by living as community, and living into the ways that Jesus has taught us to live together and to structure our lives; to be equipped and active as peacemakers—and who we partner with. How are we doing this work already? How do we want to affirm that? How do we want to be lead in new ways?

Next we look at Matthew 5:13-16, the climax of the beatitudes—and what it means to be salt and light. We are to be the salt of the earth. Is salt good for the earth? Salt preserves, enhances flavors, endures, and purifies. It’s was a symbol of God’s covenant with Israel. We are a living demonstration of God’s enduring faithfulness and justice within the world. Disciples are like grains of salt scattered throughout the earth. Salt doesn’t negate the meal—it enhances the food that it joins with. It seasons. What does that mean for PMC?

What about being a community on a hill? This metaphor has been used by politicians to speak of American exceptionalism and paternalism. But does America save? No. Jesus does. Alternatively, well-meaning missionaries often saw gospel light as imposing a civilization that was implicit in destroying entire ways of being. Yet Jesus does call us to be light. So—we have to think about whose light we are shining. Am I that light? No—we are the light to the degree that we reflect Jesus. What is that light? Beatitude light. The new order that Jesus calls for in the beatitudes. We shine forth a beatitude way of being in the world.

And going forward, joy is the thing that powers us…


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