Spaces in Mark: The Mountain

Jesus’s journey through Mark ends up in all different spaces and locales. From the wilderness, to homes, to the sea, Jesus is on a journey all over, looking for those who are willing to follow and put themselves to the task of proclaiming God’s new order.

In Mark 8, Jesus defines his journey as Christ ultimately with resurrection, but a journey that goes through suffering, rejection, and death, and then he invites Peter and the rest of his disciples to follow him on that journey, to pick up their crosses and potentially put aside their lives while seeking Jesus and the good news of God’s new order.

For Peter, and for many of us, this can be a difficult word that makes little sense. This doesn’t seem either efficient nor practical. Let’s just impose some justice! Let’s just enforce the kingdom. Yet, this misses the nature of God’s kin(g)dom and the teaching and witness of Jesus.

So, along the journey, we are afforded a glimpse, a revelation in a holy place of the true order of the world. We are brought to a “thin place” that gives us new perspective for our journey and of Jesus.

We are not called to stay on that mountain and bask in the glory. Rather, the transfiguration gives us vision and understanding of the Jesus of the journey. In the transfiguration, the journey makes sense, and reveals the new order that we are working towards and the resurrection that is to come.

As you listen to this sermon think about these questions:

  1. Where are your thin spaces? How do you encounter God and the hope that God has for the world and the new order that we are a part of?
  2. How does our encounter with Jesus inform our journey? What does it mean to live as people of the journey and the transfiguration in a world needing transformative and creative peacemaking?

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Image from “The complete guide to the rosary” by Crown of Thorns Charity.

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