What Motivates Us to be Missional?

Bekah Estrada asks, “What does it mean to be missional?” She describes this as a wholistic understanding of what missions is. It’s about participating in the kingdom of God — about acting out our faith. And talking about faith is just one small part of this.

Anna & Simeon by Laura James

Based in Luke 2:25-38, with Simeon and Anna in the temple recognizing Jesus as the Christ, and Luke 10:38-42, with Mary and Martha tending to Jesus — Bekah asks us as a church what motivates us to missional? And on Mother’s Day, Bekah looks primarily to the scriptural testimonies of women. Anna is affirmed as a prophet, and because of their hearts were aligned with God through prayer and worship, they could see what others did not: the fulfillment of the scriptures in Jesus.

With Anna and Simeon, we must learn to wait for God’s coming — always here and not yet — and not take matters into our own hands. The kingdom of God is received as a gift — we do not create or rule.

Bekah goes on to share a personal memory of choosing to serve within her church — yet not toward what God was prompting her to attend to that day.
This was her “Martha” experience. And she felt that she missed a more intimate invitation to connect with some special visitors that day. And she felt that she missed an opportunity for the kingdom to break through at that particular time.

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